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To start with a real size Sagitta, first we have made a model of the ship

Sagitta is also called the "Omiš Arrow".- "Sagitta" means "arrow" in Latin, which describes the function and shape of the ship.   The documents mention that they were:  „as fast and as light as an arrow. “ The only visual representation of the ship is the graffito on the wall from the church of St. Luke near Donji Humac on the island of Brač. This graffito served us as the main visual point in the further research.  It confirmed Sagitta's descriptions from the documents, where she was mentioned to be a rowing boat with a shallow beam, narrow and fast as an arrow. She had 15 oarsmen on each side, a total of 30. Two Latin sails, a curved  stern, paddle on the side of stern for control, and at the front part a bow bridge – as rostrum. Sagitta was a very specific ship, different from all other types of ships we know

in the Adriatic.


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